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Bridges & Crowns

Crowns (also known as caps) cover the entire tooth, restoring teeth to the original size and shape. Porcelain crowns that are the same colour as the tooth are the most common these days.

Why You Need Dental Crowns

Dental crowns give you the benefit of protecting your tooth and its structure in a way that is not possible with some other treatments. For example, fillings may not provide adequate protection.

Dental crowns, especially when using porcelain, are durable and strong. It is highly likely that they will last you for many years without the need for treatment or replacement.

In addition, the porcelain variety is also aesthetically superior. They match your original tooth colour completely, meaning that the material blends with adjacent teeth. No one will be able to tell that they are not your original teeth.

Dental crowns may be suitable in the following circumstances:

  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Decayed Teeth
  • You want to improve your smile
  • Fractured fillings 

Porcelain Dental Bridge Adelaide

Dental bridges are fixed and permanent solutions to missing teeth, giving you back your smile as well as normal teeth function. Dental bridges are suitable in a variety of scenarios and give distinct advantages that make them worth your consideration.

Why You Need a Dental Bridge

First of all, your smile will be restored to what it once was by filling in the gaps of missing teeth. You won’t have to worry about hiding your smile and you will once again be able to show your teeth with pride. The confidence you gain can be huge.

In addition, dental bridges do plenty of behind the scenes work. They maintain the shape of your face by supporting surrounding muscles and keep adjacent teeth in their proper positions. Preventing the drifting of teeth into empty spaces can avoid trouble in the future.

Furthermore, dental bridges will restore your capacity to chew and speak properly. Having several teeth missing can have a severe impact on these two functions.

Dental bridges may be suitable in the following scenarios:

  • Fill space due to missing teeth
  • Facial shape is negatively impacted due to missing teeth
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from moving into empty spaces
  • Improve your smile
  • Your partial dentures are not working for you

Further Information

Both dental crowns and bridges will require multiple appointments. During your initial consultation, we will take impressions of your teeth in order to construct the customized materials for your procedure.

On your next visit, we will apply the bridge or crown to your mouth. It’s possible that they will only be made permanent on a subsequent visit, depending on your situation. It’s important that you maintain proper oral hygiene in order to extend the lifetime of your bridges & crowns.

Bridges & Crowns
Bridges & Crowns
At Star Dental we pride ourselves on providing the best service and prices on Bridges and Crowns.
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Dr. Soo Min Kim, DDS, NZDRex

Dr. Kim is a dentist and part of the management at Star Dental. She is committed to offering excellent care in a friendly and calm environment. Dr.Kim enjoys dentistry but is passionate especially about cosmetic dentistry and has special interests in root canal treatments and orthodontic smile makeovers.

She was born and brought up in Seoul, and was in the process of pursuing her career in the United States, when she fell in love with beautiful New Zealand during a short visit in 2008. She became mesmerized by the Kiwi lifestyle.

In her spare time, Dr. Kim loves to watch movies, read, cycle, travel and try new restaurants. She is a member of the New Zealand Dental Association while actively finding time to up-skill her expertise in golf.

Kamila Rezaye (Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist)

Kamila assists Dr. Anup Gopal as Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist at Star Dental.

Kamila graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Science in Oral Health. She holds a dual qualification as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist, and enjoys meeting new people and developing long-term relationships within her role.

Kamila has a strong passion for improving oral health in the community and helping her patients understand the importance of improving and maintaining good oral health. She provides education about prevention, and believes that good oral health affects more than just teeth, as it significantly contributes to good overall health and wellbeing.

She has a particular interest in pediatric dentistry and the treatment of children and teenagers. and believes that every effort should be made to ensure dental visits are positive experiences.

When Kamila gets free time, she likes to spend time with her four-year-old son, going to the gym and cooking specialty dishes.

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