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Can I Skip the Yearly Teeth Cleaning?

It’s never wise to miss an annual dental cleaning. When plaque builds up, it creates more serious dental problems. Key takeaways: – Professional cleaning removes plaque and tartar which leads to tooth decay. – Regular cleaning helps prevent inflammation and gum disease. – Cleaning helps lift staining from the enamel of your teeth. A professional […]

Dental Problems Caused by Vaping

Smoking electronic cigarettes, or vaping, may or may not be better for overall health than tobacco cigarettes but are they better for oral health. As e-cigarettes are still relatively new, there is little hard data available. However, some dental experts have expressed concerns and doubt if vaping is any less harmful than its tobacco-based counterpart. […]

Why You Might Want to Remove Your Tongue Piercing

Some preliminary research has shown that tongue piercings can cause damage in some people’s mouths: – Tongue piercings can lead to numerous oral health complications such as abscesses, gum inflammation/bleeding, sensitive cracked teeth, and infection. – Treatment for these complications can include antibiotics and surgical intervention; often, the tissue damage cannot be fully reversed. – […]

Loose Teeth In Adults: The Causes

Adult teeth are permanent and can last a lifetime, with care. Naturally, most dental patients feel alarmed when they notice a loosened tooth. Key takeaways: – Hardened plaque or tartar can cause gum recession, pockets of infection, and an increased risk of loose teeth. – A sports injury may damage teeth and surrounding tissue. – […]

Scientists Find Autism Clues in Infant Teeth

Detailed analysis of milk teeth has provided new insights into the causes of autism. Key takeaways: – The latest diagnostic technique examines how infants metabolise zinc and copper, two mineral nutrients. – Low levels of these nutrients have been detected in baby teeth. – Experts are planning further research into similar links between children’s first […]

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Left untreated, cracked teeth can lead to pain and discomfort and long-term problems. But a crack in a tooth is often almost invisible and undetectable. However, there are some warning signs to be aware of, including: – Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks – Pain when biting or chewing – Unexplained discomfort around […]

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