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Author: Anup Gopal

Dental Problems Caused by Vaping

Smoking electronic cigarettes, or vaping, may or may not be better for overall health than tobacco cigarettes but are they better for oral health. As e-cigarettes are still relatively new, there is little hard data available. However, some dental experts have expressed concerns and doubt if vaping is any less harmful than its tobacco-based counterpart. […]

Why You Might Want to Remove Your Tongue Piercing

Some preliminary research has shown that tongue piercings can cause damage in some people’s mouths: – Tongue piercings can lead to numerous oral health complications such as abscesses, gum inflammation/bleeding, sensitive cracked teeth, and infection. – Treatment for these complications can include antibiotics and surgical intervention; often, the tissue damage cannot be fully reversed. – […]

Loose Teeth In Adults: The Causes

Adult teeth are permanent and can last a lifetime, with care. Naturally, most dental patients feel alarmed when they notice a loosened tooth. Key takeaways: – Hardened plaque or tartar can cause gum recession, pockets of infection, and an increased risk of loose teeth. – A sports injury may damage teeth and surrounding tissue. – […]

Scientists Find Autism Clues in Infant Teeth

Detailed analysis of milk teeth has provided new insights into the causes of autism. Key takeaways: – The latest diagnostic technique examines how infants metabolise zinc and copper, two mineral nutrients. – Low levels of these nutrients have been detected in baby teeth. – Experts are planning further research into similar links between children’s first […]

Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Left untreated, cracked teeth can lead to pain and discomfort and long-term problems. But a crack in a tooth is often almost invisible and undetectable. However, there are some warning signs to be aware of, including: – Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks – Pain when biting or chewing – Unexplained discomfort around […]

A Quick Look at Common Novocaine Facts

If you have poor teeth, the chances are high that a dentist will need to apply Novocaine in order to perform pain-free procedures such as filling a cavity. What are some important facts to remember before any appointment? – Most individuals will experience few side effects. – Novocaine usually takes effect five minutes after an […]

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