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Tooth Decay Vaccine Under Development

Visits to the dentist may become less frequent if a new vaccine proves to be as effective as early results indicate. The vaccine has the potential to significantly decrease the incidence of common dental problems caused by tooth decay. The vaccine, a combination of proteins, has demonstrated encouraging early results including: – The removal of […]

Avoiding “Metal Mouth”

Traditional metal braces are great for straightening teeth but can be unsightly and uncomfortable. There are more discreet options which may be more appealing to a younger person. Key points – Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces go behind the teeth. – Damon braces are less obvious due to clear brackets and arched wires. – Invisalign […]

Understanding the Causes Behind Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can represent a temporary inconvenience or a permanent issue. When might this pain subside and in the same respect, when should you consult with your dentist for further advice? – Dental procedures such as fillings or veneers are some of the most common causes of temporary sensitivity. – Brushing your teeth too hard […]

Permanent benefits of dental implants

If you have missing teeth, dental implants might help. Dental implants involve a titanium post being inserted into your jaw and a crown fixed at the end. Here are long-term benefits of dental implants. Key takeaways: – Dental implants stimulate jaw-bone growth, prevent cavities and keep teeth from shifting. – Dental implants restore the shape […]

Enamel strength is an inherited trait

Researchers have discovered that men and women have different susceptibilities to enamel erosion. Key takeaways: – Women having stronger enamel due to genetics. – Exposing your teeth to acid (in drinks and foods) can weaken enamel, whether you are male or female. – Eating disorders that involve vomiting will also weaken enamel. – Bad dental […]

Foods that make you floss

Some foods like caramels, steak and pineapple are notorious for getting stuck between teeth. Key takeaways: – Soft foods like spinach and broccoli are easy to remove by flossing. – Sticky caramel should be removed before brushing. – Popcorn kernel must be removed carefully to avoid damaging your gums. Always spend a little extra time […]

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